My work is varied. I  choreograph shows with my own troupe, Breadknives , where physical theatre meets circus, dance and music.

I also perform as both a clown and an aerialist for other companies.

Leading international productions, as well as individual artists, have asked me to coach, refashion or perfect their shows.

Below are links to the different shows and companies I have had the pleasure to collaborate with.

Pride and Hope/ Cirque du Soleil

Syma / Varelia – Cirque du Soleil

Ladylike – Cie Breadknives

Cie Ôbungessha / Microcosmos

Magna Maleficus – Parc Asterix

Du Haut – Cie Gokai

Collectif Medz Bazar

Ménage à Trois – Cie Breadknives

The Emperor of America – Cie Breadknives